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Improve data accuracy and reliability with the Puppet CMDB Sync for ServiceNow

Improve data accuracy and reliability with the Puppet CMDB Sync for ServiceNow

It can be challenging to manage enterprise infrastructure across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments with accurate and timely tracking asset details — especially if you don't know what you have. The more systems deployed, the more visibility is necessary for your IT operations teams to meet critical business Service Level Agreements successfully.

This is why we are excited to announce the Service Graph Connector for Puppet. Available on the ServiceNow Store, the Service Graph Connector for Puppet ingests data from Puppet Enterprise directly into ServiceNow’s configuration management database (CMDB) to give you and your teams rich, relevant data in order to make informed decisions across your on-prem and cloud infrastructure. You can increase the data share frequency and wealth of information on each resource in the form of Facts (collections of system information such as CPU, memory, or operating system version), collected by the Puppet Agent and shared directly into the ServiceNow CMDB for real-time data advantage.

Speed and reliability of data ingestion

The incorrect mapping of Configuration Items (CIs) in your CMDB can lead to data security issues and conflicting information. When you have accurate configuration data, trust increases across your IT operations team and improves the overall service quality of the business. Puppet Enterprise and ServiceNow administrators also have tighter collaboration with consistent and real-time data insights to deliver more accelerated time to value.

The Service Graph Connector for Puppet enables you and other customers to achieve many benefits, including:

  • Streamlined mapping of configuration data to offer better insight into misconfigurations and data security risks
  • Rich, relevant data to enable actionable decision-making
  • Full stack visibility into configuration components
  • Enhanced workflows based on data availability

Puppet and ServiceNow together

The Service Graph Connector for Puppet is certified by ServiceNow and provides accurate and relevant data into your CMDB. Facts are pulled from nodes on a scheduled cadence and stored in association to the relevant CI in the CMDB. Furthermore, incoming data can be transformed using ServiceNow’s built-in data transformation features for directly updating CI attributes with up-to-date information from Puppet Enterprise. This united approach empowers customers to tap into existing CMDB resources to make more informed decisions, decrease integration deployment times, enhance auditability, and reduce risk in your IT environment.

Puppet and ServiceNow seamlessly synchronize data behind the scenes into the CMDB, as illustrated below in the following steps:

  1. The Service Graph Connector for Puppet will retrieve facts from Puppet Enterprise’s database.

  2. The Robust Transform Engine (RTE) and Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) in ServiceNow will transform the facts into attributes and identify new or existing records, inserting them into CMDB CI tables or updating existing records.

  3. The Service Graph Connector for Puppet will take a configured set of facts per node and transform them into existing global CMDB CI service tables.

  4. The IntegrationHub ETL is what constructs the Service Graph Connector. This is an import set that points to a data source. The data source is Puppet Enterprise’s database (configured through a connection alias), enabling you to connect securely to Puppet Enterprise. The data is then transformed and mapped into the global classes.

Other Puppet and ServiceNow integrations

Earlier this year, we announced the Puppet Spoke, a new certified integration available on the ServiceNow store that gives I&O and DevOps teams self-service workflows to manage Puppet assets directly from ServiceNow’s Service Catalog to benefit customers that use Puppet and ServiceNow.

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