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How to rein in cloud chaos with Puppet

Extend your Puppet investment into your hybrid cloud

Cloud automation can do a lot for your organization, making it possible to automate resource creation, management, and housekeeping tasks. If you’ve thought that cloud automation is out of reach, or you’re curious to learn what it can do, we’re excited to announce a brand new webinar that can help!

Discover cloud automation in action and walk away with code that you can get up and running within an hour. Join me for a cloud automation webinar that you won’t want to miss, scheduled across three time zones.

During our webinar, we’ll demo real cloud automation code in action. You’ll learn how to leverage popular infrastructure as code tools to fully deploy a cloud compute node and how to integrate with cloud reporting tools to automate clean up at the end of the node’s lifecycle. Examples for AWS and Azure will be provided.

We’ll cover:

  • Provisioning cloud resources: how to spin up identical resources for reliable, production-sized testing at low cost
  • How to manage resources across zones, clouds, and hybrid deployments
  • How to lift and shift your on-prem infrastructure to the cloud using Puppet

Managing cloud resources doesn’t need to be a sea of vendor-specific tools and a steep learning curve. Use the solution you already know to manage your infrastructure wherever it lives.

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