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How To Install Puppet on a Virtual Private Server from DigitalOcean

Our friends at DigitalOcean offer a cloud hosting service designed for developers, and especially for developers who want to test quickly on an as-needed basis. The company likes Puppet for its "amazing" flexibility because:

...it will allow a developer to quickly and efficiently spin up new DigitalOcean droplets of varying OSes, to test and debug their apps. When the staging server is no longer needed, it can be destroyed (to save on monthly costs) with confidence, because Puppet, coupled with DigitalOcean's API and snapshot support, can deploy a new droplet (literally) within seconds the next time a staging environment is needed.

"Droplet," in case you don't know, is the term DigitalOcean uses to talk about server instances.

This article in the Community section of the DigitalOcean website shows you how to install Puppet on a DigitalOcean VPS (virtual private server). If you're already familiar with how Puppet works, you can skip down to the "Planning" section.

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