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How to achieve acceptance testing through abstraction

Beaker for the people

Beaker is a Puppet testing harness focused on acceptance testing via interactions between multiple (virtual) machines. It provides platform abstraction between different Systems Under Test (SUTs), and it can also be used as a virtual machine provisioner setting up machines, running any commands on those machines, and then exiting.

Recently, Vox Pupuli, a collective of Puppet community authors, has taken over responsibility to care and feed Beaker for its continued widespread community use. In this podcast, you’ll learn the latest on why Puppet has transferred Beaker to Vox, how Beaker is being maintained and where the future of Beaker is headed.

Acceptance testing is fun, I know! In this episode of Pulling the Strings, Lucy Wyman, Gene Liverman, and Trevor Vaughan explain multi-node testing with Beaker, how Beaker is different from Litmus, and future plans for Beaker.

Listen to the podcast now.

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