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How to get started with Puppet Enterprise: an FAQ

Our Introduction to Puppet Enterprise webinar is popular, and we get quite a few questions about how to get started with Puppet Enterprise. So I developed an FAQ from these questions, and we'll keep updating them here in this post as needed. Please feel free to share this post with your colleagues.

Q: Can Puppet be primarily managed from a Windows server, or does it work only on Linux?

A: The master must be on a *nix system; however, Puppet is fully compatible with other operating systems. You can read more here about installing Puppet in a Windows environment.

Q: What is the best way to get started with Puppet?

A: A great way to begin learning and using Puppet is by downloading the Learning VM, which lets you learn Puppet by simulating it in a working environment. The Learning VM provides free, effective hands-on learning.

Q: How much Puppet code do I need to know to get started? Is there a place to find prebuilt modules?

A: There are prebuilt modules available on the Puppet Forge. With thousands of modules available to download for free, the Forge provides both open source and enterprise users with prebuilt, user-tested solutions for automating and working with the most up-to-date IT technologies.

Q: Does the Puppet master have an API?

A: Puppet has number of APIs that can be used to access information from the Puppet master and PuppetDB. More information can be found here.

Q: Can Puppet be used for initial deployment? Or can it be used only for already-deployed servers and virtual machines (VMs)?

A: Puppet Enterprise can be used both for initial deployments and deploying VMs. More information can be found on our Docs site, as well as in our resource library.

Q: How can I get started with Puppet and begin hammering down the basics?

A: You can get started with the Learning VM, as it’s a great way to begin understanding basic concepts about Puppet. We also strongly recommend taking Puppet Fundamentals, Intro to Puppet, or one of our self-paced trainings. These courses teach you everything that you will need to get started with Puppet in less than a few days. Find out if there’s a training near you.

Q: What platforms are supported by Puppet?

A: Puppet supports a number of operating systems, platforms and devices. A complete list can be found here.

Grace Andrews is a technical solutions engineer at Puppet.

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