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Highlighting Splunk’s talks at Puppetize Live

The Puppet team would like to express our appreciation to Splunk for being such an integral part of Puppetize Live. From sponsoring our great event to an awesome session in San Francisco featuring Splunk Cloud, and a live stream talk discussing scaling DevOps and automation success, Splunk’s experts were not to be missed.

Splunk’s session in San Francisco

Chris Vervais and George Starkey of Splunk Cloud shared the day with us in San Francisco and walked through how Splunk Cloud uses Puppet Enterprise to improve how they serve their customers at scale. The Splunk Cloud team realized that in order to serve customers better, they needed environments to be under constant management rather than just managed on an ad hoc basis. Also, they expressed the desire to not focus on “toil work.”

Check out Splunk’s live stream exclusive

Additionally, Domnick Eger, Splunk’s global DevOps practitioner shared a live stream talk on scaling DevOps and automation success.

Throughout his talk he highlighted how Splunk uses DevOps methodologies to help with automation strategies and application deployment and how Splunk uses Puppet to help scale integrations more effectively.

We hope you enjoy these talks as much as we did. Thanks again to the Splunk teams!

Alexa Sevilla is a senior product marketing manager at Puppet.

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For folks wanting to try the Splunk Add-on for Puppet Enterprise, click here. To learn more about Splunk and Puppet and what we’re working on together, check this post out as well.

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