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Highlighting AWS’s talks at Puppetize Live

The Puppet team would like to express our appreciation to AWS for being a part of Puppetize Live. We learned so much from AWS’s Mark Rambow’s DevOps pipeline walkthrough on our main stage in Sydney.

Some talk highlights

Mark walked us through the tips and tricks of building a DevOps pipeline with AWS tools. We saw how AWS CodePipeline can set up a means to automatically test and promote infrastructure changes to production.

We also watched Mark use AWS CloudFormation to provision new resources, AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise for on-instance configuration, and AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise and AWS Config for tasks that involve monitoring and compliance. By the end of the talk, the audience watched how AWS and Puppet help technologists deploy, manage, and scale the AWS environment.

AWS’s live stream exclusive

We also appreciated the live stream talk on utilizing Puppet and AWS OpsWorks by AWS’s Jonathan Weiss.

### Quick recap on AWS OpsWorks AWS OpsWorks helps customers use Puppet Enterprise on AWS. OpsWorks assists with installing, operating, managing, patching, handling version updates, and backing up restores for servers using Puppet Enterprise. Customers can use OpsWorks to run Puppet Enterprise on AWS with minimal effort.

Customers can leverage Puppet’s automation capabilities in the cloud which means the ability to automatically provision, manage, and configure newly-launched machines.

Learn more

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