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Get a sneak peek: Puppet Enterprise 2019.2

Hello from Puppetize PDX! I’m super excited to be at this year’s user conference and if you’re here in Portland, you can check out my talk on 10 October at 11:15 a.m. PT. I’ll be talking about Puppet Enterprise and all the goodness we’ve added thanks to Bolt! I’ll share some key features, best practices and customer stories from the field that highlight infrastructure automation and the use cases it enables. Additionally, I’ll share a sneak peek into Puppet Enterprise 2019.2.

Last year, we introduced Bolt, our powerful agentless task automation orchestrator. Bolt has been super impactful for our customers, community members, and even the Puppet team. I’ve heard countless stories about how Bolt has helped people cut down the hours spent on monotonous work.


We’ve watched a community of users rally behind the product, we’ve learned how to make automating things fast and easy, and most importantly we underestimated the love of stickers and socks.

Focusing on what our customers need

While it’s about a month out, Puppet Enterprise 2019.2 continues to focus on delivering more value to meet our customers where they are, and how they work. It brings in a ton of Bolt functionality and adds on the enterprise governance, auditability, and scale you expect. With this release, we’re enabling customers to bring more infrastructure under management with ease. This includes:

Get improvements to agentless nodes and networking devices

Customers now have an easier way to manage their nodes, regardless of type and can now understand what’s on them and how to make necessary changes. In just a few clicks, users can add their network devices to PE, run Puppet and run tasks against them all within the GUI.


Access plans from the Puppet Enterprise console

You’ve asked, we’ve answered! As of 2019.2 you can use plans to solve for some of your most complex orchestration needs right from the PE console. We’ve added the ability to share plans with other people in your organization in an auditable way. View step-by-step changes as the plan is run. And trigger plan runs from the GUI, CLI, and API.

Adding FIPS support

Our federal and government customers must adhere to the strict guidelines of FIPS, IPv6 networks, 508 compliance and accessibility standards. Updates in the product make it easier for these customers to adopt DevOps practices from Puppet.

Get Hiera support for Impact Analysis

Eliminate the guesswork for assessing which servers, configurations and services will be affected by a code change in Hiera.

Manage Cisco IOS-XE devices with Puppet

This updated module uses the latest Puppet tooling including Puppet Development Kit and the Resource API. Get some more information on using Cisco IOS-XE devices and Puppet here.

Since our last release in May, we’ve been busy. See how we’ve been helping customers automate their infrastructure.

Yasmin Rajabi is a principal product manager at Puppet.

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