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Geppetto 4.1 is Here!

UPDATE: We released a new version of Geppetto. Please see our Geppetto docs for the latest information.

The Puppet DSL is clear, simple and declarative, but it never hurts to have a little help writing your Puppet manifests. Enter Geppetto, Puppet’s integrated development environment (IDE), now with a few new tweaks.

In addition to all the features that make developing modules and manifests easier and more convenient — syntax highlighting, error tracing/debugging, and code completion — Geppetto integrates with PE by parsing PuppetDB error reporting. Geppetto also enables you to control your project versions through direct local, Git, or SVN repo interactions.

This update to Geppetto includes the following improvements:

  • Support for Puppet 3.4
  • PuppetDB connections can now be made without SSL
  • Forge connections use HTTPS
  • Puppet Issue Tracker moved to Puppetlabs JIRA
  • Numerous bug fixes

See for yourself!

Geppetto screen shot

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