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Five reasons to attend Puppetize PDX

Everybody knows why conferences are great: network, gain new skills, have fun, blah blah blah. You don’t need to be reminded of that stuff, and I don’t need to pitch the agenda because you can read it for yourself.

Instead, let’s talk about some lesser-known but equally important reasons you should come to Puppetize PDX this October:

1: Escape from your own office

Get away from the meetings, debugging, patching, and everyday toil of your day job (and hopefully learn how to automate some of it away). It’s the same reason we’re all gonna go.

2: Tell us how you really feel, to our faces

While it’s easy to post your thoughts online, there’s really no substitute for an in-person rundown of your Puppet wishlist. Reps from Product and User Experience will be around and direct feedback is our kink. Help us help you.

3: Free events before the event!

Contribute to Puppet (or your own projects) at the community hackathon (and check out Puppet’s head office while you’re at it), or get your hands on Bolt during an afternoon half-day workshop. Don’t like making hard decisions? Attend both by hacking only in the AM. Spots are limited, so register soon.

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4: Be the first to know about __________

I’m one of the speakers this year, but I can’t tell you what I’m going to talk about because it’s a secret until then. I can say that we’re definitely excited, and we’re working really hard on it, and you’ll just have to come see for yourself.

5: Nothing beats Portland in October

The northwest is beautiful in the fall, and the weekend after the conference pretty much sums up Portland by simultaneously featuring a hops festival, a harvest festival, and a tattoo expo. Yes, it will probably rain and yes, we’ll still be arguing about who makes the best donuts (hint: they do not come in pink boxes).

BONUS REASON #6: Support companies that support diversity in tech

Puppet does the heavy lifting for a diverse workforce: designing inclusive hiring practices, providing internal training and programs, sponsoring & hosting events, and offering Puppetize PDX scholarship tickets for people in underrepresented communities.

Melissa Casburn is a principal user experience designer at Puppet.

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