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Every Day is Take Your Dog to Work Day at Puppet Labs

Apparently Friday was Bring Your Dog to Work Day, but nobody around here noticed, since every day is a dog friendly day here. No matter how awesome the place you work and the job you do may be, there are going to be times when you just need a hit of puppy love. It's great knowing that, whenever that moment hits, you can just take a lap around the office and find a dog to brighten your day. We'd like you to meet some of the dogs who make Puppet Labs a happier place (plus a couple of puppies who work remotely and who have sent in pictures of their adorable selves).

Miss Mouse enjoyed her first week at Puppet Labs.
Toby, who grins like this whether he's got a tennis ball or not.
Chongo getting ready to go outside (we're in Portland, OR, remember?)
Jellybean supports environmentally friendly commuting!
Chewie knows how to cut a rug (or at least tie a room together)
Ajax is much, much bigger than this now, but just as loving.
Cali, striking a pose.
Jake needs a bed-time story after a long day at work.
Loli is a master of disguise!
Beebo, who is able to get everyone to give her a treat.
Cowboy, who has the most fascinating origin story and really likes people's feet...
Ruby and Sasha on some much-needed PTO.
Skiddy is competing with Loli for most adorably camouflaged.
Penny, who knows you want to pet her.
Mayadevi, who loves you.
Schatzi is always willing to pair program.
Newton, who could probably draw a chariot around the office...


Sorry, that's not nearly all the dogs, but I have a dog chariot I suddenly realized I need to build.

If you need more Puppet puppies, check out the incubator project from a few months ago.

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