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Enhanced dashboards available in Puppet Remediate™ 1.2

We are happy to announce the availability of Puppet Remediate 1.2! This release is primarily driven by feedback from our customers. This release features enhanced dashboards and workflows to improve the time to value for our Remediate customers.

Dashboard vulnerabilities overview tab

The Vulnerability overview tab on the Vulnerabilities dashboard displays information on the number, criticality, and extent to which the nodes on your network are vulnerable. This includes:

  • Key statistics that provide an overall health of your network. You can see the total number of vulnerabilities affecting the nodes on your network, as well as the total number of vulnerabilities based on risk (medium, high or critical).
  • A Criticality breakdown diagram that displays the percentage of vulnerabilities in each criticality division.
  • A Top 5 common vulnerabilities diagram that shows the number of nodes compromised by the most widespread vulnerabilities on your network.
  • The Vulnerabilities Table that provides top-level information on individual vulnerabilities that you can filter by severity and sort by clicking on the appropriate column header.

Node overview tab

The Node overview tab on the Vulnerabilities dashboard displays data visualizations that show key stats at-a-glance on the nodes affected by vulnerabilities on your network, to help you make decisions faster. This tab includes:

  • Key statistics that show the number of accessible nodes with and without vulnerabilities, the total number of accessible nodes, as well as the number of nodes that have vulnerabilities that are deemed to be critical.
  • A Vulnerability nodes by OS diagram that displays the total number of nodes on your network affected by vulnerabilities listed by operating system.
  • A Nodes with vulnerabilities diagram that breaks down the percentage of nodes on your network affected by vulnerabilities by accessibility.
  • The Nodes table that provides key information like resource name of the node on the network, number of vulnerabilities affecting the node, IP address, OS name and version, Puppet version running on the node, infrastructure source type, node uptime, and date and time a scan was last initiated on the node. This is easy to filter and sort to view the data you need to make fast decisions.

Dashboard metrics bar

A Metrics bar is now displayed at the top of each dashboard, and provides a breakdown of key metrics regarding affected nodes on your network. This includes:

  • The total number of nodes currently discovered by Puppet Remediate.
  • The total number of discovered nodes currently assessed as vulnerable.
  • The risk score of the most severe vulnerabilities according to your vulnerability scanner.
  • The number of vulnerabilities on the node with the most vulnerabilities.
  • A search box you can use to find more detail on a key vulnerability if you have its CVE number.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced dashboards and workflows now available in Puppet Remediate, and we would love to hear feedback directly from you on this release and what you’d like to see in future releases. Reach out to me (@Jonathan) on the Puppet Community Slack or email puppetremediate@puppet.com and share your ideas.

Jonathan Stewart is a principal product manager at Puppet.

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