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Encore Technologies streamlines legacy automation with Bolt

For me, there’s not much better in product marketing than hearing how the tools and technologies you know and value are being implemented by customers. This is especially true when those customers come back to us later to tell us it is exceeding their expectations. Working with customers who are seeing improvements from using Puppet technologies — either for themselves or their clients — is one of the best parts of my job.

Encore Technologies is one company using Bolt and Puppet that came back to tell us how they’ve used it and what cool new opportunities they were able to find with it. As an IT automation and DevOps adviser, they needed a high-tier tool.

Making the ad hoc productive

IT consulting is often riddled with everyday one-off tasks that no one wants to think about but that always need doing; tasks that stretch response times, add overhead costs, and hamper innovation. Bolt cuts through these time sinks and frees up staff. Nick Maludy, Encore Technologies DevOps Director, told us about the 80 hours per week an engineer had been spending to automate a client’s patching infrastructure, as well as the seemingly smaller but consistently regular 30-minute time losses spent debugging tricky agents. With Bolt, everything got easier. The 80 hours spent setting up patching dropped to 20. The 30-minute debugging task now takes 90 seconds. That’s huge!

Optimizing engineer expertise

Because Bolt uses the code you already know, Bolt made it possible for Encore to streamline their own staff onboarding processes, too. Instead of having to learn a new language, Encore’s engineers were able to quickly apply their existing scripts and efficiently scale. This is part of a core value of Bolt: it can be utilized with any language and yaml, so it’s meant to require almost no time up front for engineers to use. Nick told us, “We find Bolt and Puppet help us implement software changes cost effectively — now we’re able to spend more time developing new automation, or implementing new automation, rather than having to keep afloat old gear.” You can read more about Encore’s experience with Bolt here. Also, Nick from Encore will be giving a talk about patching with Bolt at Puppetize PDX this October. Check out the agenda for more info, and we hope to see you there!

Matthew Arout is the customer marketing manager at Puppet.

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