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Simplify continuous deployment with Project Nebula

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Today we’re announcing a new product in private beta: Project Nebula. Our objective is to dramatically simplify continuous deployment of cloud native applications and infrastructure by composing the tools and workflows your developers already use into simple, repeatable deployment workflows.

As Eric Sorenson (aka @ahpook), Technical Product Manager, talked about in his post:

Early adopters of technology like Docker, Kubernetes, and public cloud services have found the many devils hiding in the details. Far from finding infrastructure operations eliminated as a role or discipline, practitioners are now tasked with provisioning complex infrastructure through unstable APIs; understanding how to troubleshoot end-user requests that may flow through a dozen microservices; and managing distributed systems infrastructure through user interfaces that even their creators acknowledge aren’t meant for human authoring and consumption.

What’s another way of describing this complexity? Soul-crushing toil.

Why so complex?

Deploying a cloud native application involves a wide variety of tasks, including infrastructure provisioning, deployment strategies (e.g. Blue/Green, Canary), managing and auditing secrets, configuring monitoring, change management processes and much more to get a single change out the door. If you multiply that by the number of teams deploying and the number of microservices being deployed, it’s no wonder our customers are telling us that continuous deployment is an unsolved problem.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that teams like to select their own tools. Some teams use Terraform for infrastructure provisioning; others use Azure Resource Manager. Helm, Kustomize, Jsonnet and more can be used for Kubernetes deployment. How do you enable teams to select the tools that work best for them while providing them a common platform and framework?

One of our early customers has 167 different developer teams shipping customer facing software. Another has over 600 projects looking to adopt cloud technologies. These customers have teams that are responsible for building a common deployment platform to support all of these projects. Because the cloud native landscape is still relatively immature, they have to cobble together various point solutions into a single continuous deployment product. A product that must be improved, updated, and maintained.

Also, what does proving compliance look like in a cloud native world where both the application instances and infrastructure are ephemeral? How do you perform governance at scale? How do you make it easy for any person at your company to autonomously deliver software while ensuring the right checks are in place?

Join our private beta

Over the next few months, we’ll dig into how we are solving these problems with Project Nebula.

Interested to learn more? Sign up for our private beta wait list here!