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DevOps for Windows: your toolchain is your DNA

Editor's Note: The 2017 State of DevOps Report is now available for free download.

We know DevOps practices have real benefits for IT teams and businesses: Our annual DevOps Report proves DevOps can improve operational efficiency, create space for innovation and increase employee engagement.

While DevOps practices aren’t tied to any specific tooling, it can be helpful to orient around the values that DevOps provides — and the tools that help enable those values.

We’re proud to sponsor this infographic, illustrating the DNA of a Windows toolchain. Just as the double helix of DNA provides the pattern for production of amino acids and proteins that build a healthy living organism, a cohesive DevOps toolchain has the power to set the pattern for producing quality software that helps an organization fulfill its mission.

Scroll down a bit further, and learn about the tools that help Windows organizations successfully implement DevOps.

Molly Hinrichs is the senior digital marketing manager at Puppet.

DNA of DevOps for Windows JPG scaled

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