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Cool Things You Can Do With 10 Nodes or Less

Puppet Enterprise can be used to do anything from automating repetitive tasks to managing large, complex infrastructure, but it can also solve real problems in small doses. We've compiled a list of awesome things that you can do—or do better, faster, stronger—with 10 nodes or less of Puppet Enterprise. Download your 10 free nodes and get started.

Kickstart your Cloud Project

Cloud and virtualized nodes are great for spinning up temporary environments for development and testing. Use your 10 nodes to provision, classify, and destroy these machines.

Create an AWS cloud infrastructure: Spin up ten Amazon EC2 nodes at once with AWS CloudFormation, or spin up a few fresh nodes individually with Cloud provisioning.

Create and manage a VMware cluster: Create new VMware nodes one by one with cloud provisioning (VMware support is Puppet Enterprise-only). Once your machines are up, install VMware Tools to get the best functionality out of your nodes, and manage them from the Puppet Enterprise Console. If you're just looking to get a small deployment of compute nodes, we offer support for creating a fully functional OpenStack, Eucalyptus, and the new Google Compute Engine clusters:

Application Deployment and Management

Our community contributors have used Puppet to deploy and manage every aspect of their infrastructure. With over 450 modules on Puppet Forge, you can quickly deploy and manage common applications, without writing a single line of code. We've picked a few favorites that prove 10 nodes are more than enough to add to or improve your infrastructure.

Get a wiki up and running with a single node. Set up multiple instances of MediaWiki quickly.

Set up a Continuous Integration server: If you're writing code, you should be testing it. These are just a few projects that would benefit from small Puppet Enterprise deployments. We'll publish another post of small cool projects soon, and cover some of the stuff you're doing. Leave us a comment (or tweet with the hashtag #puppetize) and let us know how you're using your 10 free nodes.

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