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Containerization and Puppet: Scott Coulton at PuppetConf 2016

scott coulton

Containers are getting more attention every week. Scott Coulton is a platform engineering lead at Autopilot who is, in his own words, “passionate about all things Linux that can be automated and containerized in the cloud.” He’ll be at PuppetConf 2016, and his talk, "Pulling the strings to containerize your life," will cover the benefits of configuration management in the world of containers. Scott will talk about scaling a container environment in a defined and repeatable way via schedulers like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes.

Scott has also written a book, Puppet for Containerization. To quote Scott:

This book teaches you how to take advantage of the new benefits of containerization systems such as Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, and Docker UCP, without losing the panoptical power of proper configuration management. You will learn how to integrate your containerized applications and modules with your Puppet workflow. You will also understand how to manage, monitor, and orchestrate hosts to keep deployed containers running seamlessly. With the help of this book, you can efficiently automate and document with containers, as a part of your system. The book also covers use cases of deploying Puppet within a containerized environment.

Scott’s book has a lot of practical help:

  • How to write Puppet modules to build Docker
  • How to create Docker Compose templates with .erb files
  • Getting to know the architecture of Docker schedulers
  • How to create a Docker network and service discovery framework
  • How to build a fully functional Docker scheduler with Puppet
  • How to make Docker production ready with Puppet

Come to PuppetConf 2016 and learn from Scott, plus other great leaders in IT today what it takes to thrive in a continually changing technology landscape.

Aliza Earnshaw is managing editor at Puppet.

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