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LV=, an insurance firm based in Liverpool, Victoria, had a challenge most organizations are familiar with: They wanted to improve the speed and quality of their builds and shorten their software development lifecycle, while reducing the time spent on fixing urgent problems. Their manual build process, which included hand-crafted scripts and required regular fixes, was a big impediment to deploying code more frequently.

As one of the largest insurance companies in the U.K., LV= is also faced with extensive reporting and auditing requirements, which add another layer of complexity to any proposed changes to business process. The Word documents that LV= provided to auditors rarely answered the auditors’ questions sufficiently, resulting in explanatory meetings, and even further reporting.

With these challenges and goals in mind, LV= turned to Puppet Enterprise because it provided a comprehensive solution to their IT issues. Some of the more striking improvements included:

  • Fewer incidents. After implementing Puppet Enterprise, LV= hit a milestone that wouldn’t have been possible a year ago: The company experienced an entire month with no Tier 1 incidents, a first for LV=.
  • Improved change quality. Now the team takes a more holistic approach to changes, and development cycles are shorter.
  • Comprehensive auditing. LV= shares comprehensive Puppet Enterprise reports with auditors, which are complete enough to pass auditors’ muster. The company spends far less time on each audit cycle.

“Puppet Enterprise gives us the confidence we need to make changes, and not risk breaking 700 servers,” says Jon Nangle, Unix infrastructure analyst at LV=.

To learn more about LV=’s IT challenges, and how Puppet Enterprise helped, read the full LV= case study.

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