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Build and deploy Helm charts in Puppet Pipelines™

Editor's note: As of 29 May 2019, we've sunsetted Puppet Pipelines and Puppet Container Registry.

As Puppet continues to explore new ways to increase the agility and success of software delivery, we need to adapt to where our customers and users are. Today, we’re excited to announce Puppet Pipelines support for Helm.

As the most popular container orchestration system, Kubernetes has become the new “operating system” for running containerized applications. Helm has emerged as the de facto way to package Kubernetes resources, making it easier to package up a containerized application and all of its dependencies in a consistent way so they can be promoted through a continuous delivery pipeline. As a package manager for Kubernetes, Helm charts make it easy to create, version, install, share and upgrade Kubernetes resources, no matter how complex.

It is natural for Puppet Pipelines to adapt and support these containerization best practices.

Introducing Puppet Pipelines support for Helm

With our latest release currently available today, Puppet Pipelines for Containers now includes rich support and an end-to-end workflow for building and deploying applications to Kubernetes using Helm charts.

You can now deploy Helm charts mapping the container images to newly-built images all via Puppet Pipelines for Containers. This is all with the goal of making it simpler for you to automate the entire CI/CD workflow for both your application code (delivered via containers), and also for Kubernetes resources (delivered via Helm charts).

new local chart depoyment helm scaled
chart deployment status scaled

These new capabilities make it easy to:

  • Trigger Helm chart builds based on any code commits or pull requests to your source control repository
  • Add custom Helm charts from your source control repository to your pipeline
  • Deploy Helm charts automatically as part of your CI/CD pipeline for your cloud-native applications

How to get started

If you’re currently using the free or team editions of Puppet Pipelines, simply log in to your account to start building and deploying Helm charts. Customers using the enterprise edition can access these new capabilities by upgrading to the latest version.

In case you’re not already using Puppet Pipelines today and are interested in a CI/CD solution for containers running in Kubernetes, you can get started here today.

Carl Caum is an engineering product manager at Puppet.

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