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Automating security: CloudPassage and Puppet

After recently welcoming CloudPassage into our Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP), we are happy to announce that CloudPassage has developed a Puppet Approved module. For those not accustomed to Puppet naming conventions, Approved essentially means that the module meets Puppet's rigorous quality standards for Forge modules.

It makes sense that we are partnering with CloudPassage and companies like it. We share many of the same passions, thoughts and cultural values when it comes to automating security policy and best practices across private and public clouds. CloudPassage strongly supports automation, cloud-native thinking, security and DevOps practices. Our conversations turned easily to two particular key points where our values converged:

  • Enterprises want to move to the cloud for agility. This requires modernizing processes and tools to enable faster and more frequent deployment. Security and compliance teams often rely on manual processes, so can’t keep up with the frequency of releases to ensure every release is compliant with security policy.
  • Enterprises need a way to continuously enforce compliance. If they don’t, they risk failed or lengthy audits, resulting in loss of productivity and potential fines.

CloudPassage Halo® delivers continuous compliance and universal visibility into potential security issues across the entire enterprise IT landscape. The Puppet module for CloudPassage Halo automates deployment, configuration and management of the Halo agent, which makes it easy for customers to integrate Halo into their existing supply chains and software distribution processes.

Halo helps customers ensure continuous security throughout their DevOps toolchain, from development to distribution. IT can reduce costs by discovering security issues earlier in the development pipeline, and deploy with confidence and speed, knowing their applications are in compliance with their critical security standards.

CloudPassage was one of the first TAPP partners we connected with, and we immediately felt there was a great story to be told. Working with Tim Colby, John Janetos, Nick Lee and the terrific CloudPassage team, we look forward to growing our partnership and delivering to the market further enhancements around our automated security functionality.

You can read more about CloudPassage here: https://www.cloudpassage.com/

Check out the CloudPassage Approved module on the Puppet Forge.

Matt Girdharry heads the Technology Alliance Partner Program at Puppet.

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