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Are You Ready to Write Custom Types and Providers?

Our own Gary Larizza has kicked off a series on his personal blog explaining how Puppet DSL types and providers work. The first installment centers on Puppet DSL types:

What would drive someone to write a custom type and provider for Puppet anyhow? Afterall, you can do ANYTHING IMAGINABLE in the Puppet DSL*! After drawing back my sarcasm a bit, let me explain where the Puppet DSL tends to fall over and the idea of a custom type and provider starts becoming more than just an incredibly vivid dream:

  • You have more than a couple of exec statements in a single class/defined type that have multiple conditional properties like ‘onlyif’ and/or ‘unless’.
  • You need to use pure Ruby to manipulate data and parse it through a system binary
  • Your defined type has more conditional logic than your pre-nuptual agreement
  • Any combination of similar arguments related to the above

If the above sounds familiar to you, then you’re probably ready to build your own custom Puppet type and provider. Do note that custom types and providers are written in Ruby and not the Puppet DSL. This can initially feel very scary, but get over it (there are much scarier things coming).

Read the whole (maybe slightly NSFW) thing

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