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An Almost Complete List of PuppetConf Speakers and Topics

So, we must admit: we're a bit behind schedule. We had more talks than we expected and filtering through all the fantastic submissions for PuppetConf proved more difficult than we originally thought. While we're still piecing together the last bits of the schedule and finalizing our keynotes, we can't help but give you a teaser of what's coming. Tickets are on sale and a few certification seats are still available. Early bird pricing will end on August 27th, so get your tickets while they are still an absolute steal at $500. A full schedule with dates and times will be released as soon as we've built it. In the mean time we hope this whets your appetite.

A few talks for beginners:

  • Ryan Coleman, Puppet Labs — Discovering & Creating Great Puppet Modules with the Puppet Forge
  • Pedro Pessoa, Server Density — Going from Zero to Puppet
  • Chad Metcalf, WibiData Inc — Puppet 101: Getting Started Small
  • Matthew Finlayson, Jive — Puppet in Production - 10 Things We Learned the Hard Way
  • Kelsey Hightower, Puppet Labs — External Data - Hiera and ENCs
  • Eric Sorenson, Puppet Labs — Q: What's in Telly? A:Less Crazy Crap, Way More Winning
  • Erica Mitchell, Research in Motion — A Getting Started Guide for Developers Using the Puppet Forge and Vagrant
  • Ruth Linehan, Tesca Fitzgerald, Hailee Kenney, Puppet Labs — Getting Started with Contributing to Puppet and Facter
  • Deepak Giridharagopal, Puppet Labs — Intro to Puppet DB
  • Terry Zink, Reliant Security — The Design and Mindset Behind Managing Systems via Puppet

A few talks on the Cloud:

  • Greg DeKoenigsberg, Eucalyptus — Private Cloud Integration with Eucalyptus and Puppet
  • David Nalley, Apache CloudStack — A Recovering Sysadmin's Guide to Building a Cloud
  • Carl Caum, Puppet Labs — Managing Cloud Images with Custom Report Processors
  • Jos Boumans, Krux — One-man ops; Deploying at Scale in EC2 While Letting you Sleep through the Night
  • Robert Starmer, Cisco Systems, Inc. — Deploying OpenStack Clusters with Puppet
  • Yoram Heller, Morphlabs — Using Puppet as a Service to Maintain Hundreds of OpenStack Deployments
  • Monty Taylor, HP — Collaboratively Managing the OpenStack Project with Puppet

A few talks on Operations:

  • Chris Kelly, New Relic — Designing for DevOps
  • Dmitry Shevrin, Financial Times — One-Man-Orchestra: Puppet, Augeas and Hiera
  • Anders Wallgren, Electric Cloud — Automating the Dev in DevOps
  • Emeka Mosanya, Financial Times/Dianya Ltd — Using Service Oriented Operation and Provisioning at Financial Times
  • R Tyler Croy — We'll do it Live: Operations Anti-Patterns
  • John Willis, Enstratus — Putting the Science Back in Computer Science - From Deming and Goldratt to Devops
  • Jez Humble, Thoughtworks — The Deployment Pipeline - From Check-in to Release
  • Jamie Wilkinson, Google — Better Living Through Statistics: Monitoring Doesn't Have To Suck
  • Michael Stahnke, Puppet Labs — The Balance of Packaging vs Puppet Manifests
  • Nicholas Weaver, EMC Corporation — Razor: DevOps and Bare-Metal Provisioning

Some Puppet-specific talks:

  • Joshua Thijssen, NoxLogic — Taming your MCollective without Ruby
  • Sam Kottler, Red Hat — Package Management and Puppet
  • Alessandro Franceschi, Lab42 — Puppet Modules for Fun and Profit
  • Kenn Hussey, Cloudsmith — Continuous, Fact-Driven Configuration Testing
  • Dan Bode, PuppetLabs — Extending Puppet with Ruby
  • James Turnbull and Andy Parker, Puppet Labs — State of the Community
  • Adam Kosmin, Reliant Security, Inc. — Evolution of Scale
  • Owen Smith, PayPal — Puppet at PayPal
  • Nicolas Capponi, Kelkoo — Puppet Usage for Application Deployment
  • Randall Hansen, Puppet Labs — The State of User Experience in Puppet
  • Nick Lewis, Puppet Labs — Reading from the Puppet Data Library

Some work on the tool chain:

  • Barry Jaspan, Acquia, Inc. — Continuous Integration when Infrastructure is the Product
  • Kris Buytaert, Inuits — 7 Tools for your Puppetized DevOps Stack
  • Eddie Satterly, Splunk — Splunk & Puppet for Compliance
  • R Tyler Croy — Red, Green, Re-provision - Test driving Operations
  • Michael Stahnke, Puppet Labs — Testing Puppet Without Puppet
  • Ohad Levy, RedHat — Foreman and Friends
  • Mitchell Hashimoto, Kiip — Advanced Vagrant Usage with Puppet
  • Jordan Sissel, DreamHost — Logging: Logstash and other things
  • Jesse Newland, GitHub — Puppet at GitHub
  • Michael Arnold, Apollo Group — Automated Configuration of Firmware

And some things you've worked hard on:

  • Pete Emerson, AppNexus — DevOps at AppNexus: A Puppet Use Case
  • Paul Hinze, Braintree Payments — Puppet in the Trenches: Guerrilla DevOps at Braintree
  • Stephen Smoogen, Red Hat — Learning from Fedora Infrastructure: The Do's and Don'ts of CM in a Volunteer Driven Environment
  • Neal Brown, Spiceworks — Puppet Enterprise and Spiceworks for Heterogenous Networks
  • Christian Larsen, Anchor Systems — Scaling Exported Monitoring Resources Across a Large, Heterogeneous Environment
  • Matt Peterson, Tumblr — Taming the Tumblr Train
  • Karanbir Singh, The CentOS Project — CentOS.org Powered by Puppet
  • Ben Jones, CERN — Configuration Management at CERN - From Homegrown to Industry Standard
  • Justin Dow, Mozilla — Scaling Puppet or How we do it at Mozilla
  • Pascal Hahn, Nokia — Scaling a Multi-Tenant Puppet-System from a Technical and Organizational Side
  • Ruaidhrí Power, Demonware — Puppet at Demonware
  • Jonathan Spinks, Sourced Group — Using Puppet Enterprise Edition as Heterogeneous Cloud Glue
  • Will Farrington, GitHub, Inc. — The Setup: Managing an Army of Developer Laptops with Puppet
Stay tuned for the last few talks, the full descriptions, and deep-dives into some of the presenters. Let us know what you think either @puppetconf or #puppetconf. Also be sure to start thinking about your topics for unconference sessions. We're excited to see you in September! Learn More:

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