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Accelerate Puppet Enterprise installation with AWS CloudFormation templates

Puppet has added yet another way for users to quickly try, test and deploy Puppet Enterprise in the Amazon cloud by releasing a new AWS CloudFormation template, available now in the AWS Marketplace.

AWS CloudFormation enables users to quickly deploy pre-configured servers by defining environments in templates that can be reused to build out consistent nodes. The Puppet Enterprise template deploys a Puppet master in an EC2 instance using CloudFormation. This adds another way to deploy Puppet in AWS, and follows the launch of AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise, which allows AWS users to deploy a complete Puppet Enterprise master outside of CloudFormation in about 20 minutes.

The Puppet Enterprise CloudFormation template is available in two license options:

  • The Pay As You Go (PAYG) offering allows users to deploy a Puppet Enterprise master instance with the license built into a traditional AWS hourly payment. This requires no existing Puppet contract. Simply create an instance and start using Puppet immediately.
  • The Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offering supports Puppet Enterprise customers who want to use the AWS CloudFormation deployment with their existing licenses.

Using the Puppet Enterprise template is simple. The templates are available in the Amazon Marketplace, and can be launched through the Amazon AWS Console with the Cloud Formation service or the AWS CLI. It’s all in our User Guide.

Greg Hardy is a senior software engineer at Puppet.

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