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A Great Time to Puppet-Certify — and Re-Certify

The Puppet Professional 2015 Certification is coming soon! We have updated our certification exam to include all the new features in Puppet Enterprise 3.7. Invest in your career and demonstrate your Puppet expertise by becoming a Puppet Certified Professional. Get a sneak preview of the Puppet Professional 2015 certification exam with our new Practice Exam!

Certification is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, to invest in your career, and to remain competitive in the IT marketplace. According to the Global Knowledge 2014 IT Skills and Salary Report, an overriding trend for IT professionals is increased training and certification. “Nearly half of the IT respondents in the current study have earned a new certification within the past two years, with 28 percent earning their most recent certification within the last 12 months,” the report attests.

Why update a certification? Well, it makes dollars and sense! Professional certifications can have a positive impact on your earning potential, according to survey respondents. Higher raises were likely for those who trained, as well as for those who earned a certification within the previous 12 months. And of course, certification can make you better at your job: Of those respondents who earned a new certification or achieved re-certification, more than 70 percent reported improved work effectiveness after certification.

The Puppet Professional 2015 certification exam (PPT-203) will be available in early April. The current Puppet Professional 2014 certification exam (PPT-202) is available until the 2015 version is released.

During March, before the 2015 certification exam is released, you can take the 2014 exam at a 50 percent discount. This is a great opportunity to test your Puppet knowledge, achieve Puppet Professional 2014 Certification, and earn the chance to take the new Puppet Professional 2015 certification exam for free. The discount is automatically applied during checkout when registering for the exam through www.pearsonvue.com/puppetlabs.

Existing Puppet Certified Professionals will be sent a promo code to take the new Puppet Professional 2015 certification exam for free. The free exam attempt will be valid only during the month of April. This includes anyone who earns the 2014 credential during our 50-percent-off promotion.

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