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The 2019 State of DevOps Survey is here

I’m super excited to share that the 2019 State of DevOps Survey is here! This year’s survey takes a hard look at how organizations are integrating security into the software delivery lifecycle. This is a major challenge for many of the organizations we work with and one of the questions that keeps coming up when we share our 2018 State of DevOps Report findings.

Nigel and I have both been on the road for the past couple of weeks sharing these findings with organizations that are in various stages of their DevOps journey. We’ve received tons of great feedback on the DevOps Evolutionary Model we introduced in last year’s report. I’m amazed and humbled by how much the model resonates with people no matter what stage they’re in and how hungry they are for even more prescriptive and pragmatic guidance. To quote one of our customers, “This is the most practical model we’ve seen for adopting DevOps today.”

One of the most interesting findings from the 2018 State of DevOps Report was the prevalence of security considerations in the later stages of evolution. We found that at the highest levels of evolution — where trust, cross-team sharing and automation are well-established — security policies are automated and security is involved early in the software development lifecycle. We wanted to explore this further and see if we could find common patterns and practices within highly evolved organizations that enabled tighter integration with security. We also wanted to understand if that integration actually results in better outcomes for the business.

In the spirit of offering a practical roadmap for adopting and expanding DevOps success, we’re interested in learning about:

  • Organizational structures that enable greater collaboration amongst Dev, Security and Ops teams.
  • Where the responsibility of security lies.
  • The relationship and perception differences between Dev, Security and Ops teams.
  • Specific practices that lead to better performance and security outcomes.

But, we need your help! Me and my fellow report authors — Nigel Kersten, Andi Mann and Michael Stahnke — would really appreciate you taking 15 minutes to complete this survey. We know your time is precious so we’ve done our best to make the survey as concise and thoughtful as possible. Once again, we’re offering 25 gift cards ranging from $500 - $100 (see contest rules for details).

Thank you to everyone who’s contributed to this incredible body of research that we’ve been shepherding for over seven years. We have so much more to learn together and can’t wait to see the results of this year’s survey.

Alanna Brown is senior director of product marketing at Puppet and was the original creator of the State of DevOps Report and a co-author since its inception in 2012.

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