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2018 Puppet User Survey

A few of us were sitting around the Puppet office in Portland one rainy afternoon, pondering the imponderables.

"What is it about packaging systems that make every one of them so terrible?"

"If tuna salad and Cobb salad are both salads, doesn't that mean literally any combination of ingredients can be considered a salad?"

"How many sites are out there using Puppet these days, anyway?"

Some things will remain a mystery, but the last one, it turns out, we can use science to answer. Thus was born the 2018 Puppet User Survey, which is open for respondents from 20 March through 6 April. It's short — about 10 questions that should take less than 5 minutes to answer — and your answers will help us build better open source and commercial Puppet products.

Plus, for each response, we'll donate $3 to our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who are doing critical work protecting freedom online.

Once we've tabulated all the responses, we'll share the findings here on the blog, so you can see how your usage compares to the rest of the Puppet-using world.

Here's the link to the survey: https://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/4227485/puppet-users

Eric Sorenson is the director of product management for Ecosystem and Platform at Puppet.

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