Automate and orchestrate Microsoft Windows with Puppet

Without automation, configuring and hardening Windows infrastructure can mean tons of manual work for your IT Ops and InfoSec teams. Ensure compliance and harden the security of your Windows infrastructure with the latest DevOps best practices.

Why automate Windows configuration management?

With internal security standards shifting constantly due to the ever-changing nature of tomorrow’s cyber threats, configuration management and monitoring work can add up. Instead, automate the configuration management of your Windows servers with an infrastructure-as-code approach, like Puppet, and get more time back to work on the things that matter.

Deliver infrastructure changes quickly, safely, and at scale

Automate infrastructure provisioning to adhere to security and compliance policies. Create hardened baseline configurations and automate how your servers remain patched, updated and compliant with regulatory standards like PCI, SOX, GDPR – and keep them from drifting. Deploy system and application patches and updates stress-free.

Support the digital transformation of your infrastructure: Puppet Enterprise helps your organization transition to the cloud with a hybrid or cloud-native approach empowering your teams to operate like best-in-class companies.

How to get started with Windows and Puppet

Many of your Windows scripts can be automated with Bolt, Puppet’s open-source task orchestrator. For specific use cases, you won’t have to start from scratch — learn from other Windows DevOps experts who contribute modules to the Puppet Forge.

Orchestrate and scale PowerShell scripts with Bolt

Get started with infrastructure configuration and delivery automation by converting existing scripts with Bolt.

Orchestrate custom, complex workflows

Take Tasks further by orchestrating custom workflows (called Plans) to better configure a compliant, secure Windows infrastructure.

Accelerate additional use cases via Puppet Forge

Use proven Puppet Forge modules to deploy and configure your Windows servers (IIS, DSC, Chocolatey, SQL, and WSUS).

Automate with ideal-state and ad-hoc tasks in mind

Leverage Puppet and SCCM to accelerate workflows. Use SCCM to deploy and Puppet to enforce ideal-state configuration.

Support lift-and-shift cloud migration to Azure

Provision Azure resources and manage your cloud migration with and infrastructure-as-code approach and the best of Puppet’s DevOps tooling.

Integrate continuous delivery to infrastructure

Orchestrate continuous delivery pipelines and workflows, test changes to Windows servers, and see changes before you deploy with Puppet Enterprise.

Empowering our customers to succeed

Transurban achieves DevOps self-service with multiple tools and OSs

Transurban is living and breathing self-service DevOps — they’ve adopted Puppet Enterprise, VMware vRealize, and ServiceNow along with other tools to enable self-service infrastructure provisioning and administration.

Walmart integrates Windows servers into their infrastructure

DevOps engineers at Walmart integrate Windows servers into their mix and maintain configurations and compliance at scale with Puppet Enterprise.

Keep your Windows infrastructure compliant and secure

Ensure your Windows and Azure configuration compliance meet internal security standards with a combination of Puppet Enterprise, Bolt, and our library of Forge modules. Empower your DevOps teams with the best of both continuous configuration drift remediation and ad-hoc task orchestration.

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