Puppet: A better way to deliver assured security compliance.
Both private sector and government organizations are increasingly challenged to prioritize resources and deliver on mission goals while meeting stringent security and compliance requirements. With Puppet, government agencies can address security and compliance requirements, manage heterogeneous environments, and get immediate and ongoing visibility into IT infrastructure.
solutions web DevOps
solutions web DevOps

Better use of IT staff resources

Automate the laborious processes involved in managing security compliance, IT infrastructure administration, and software delivery so agencies’ IT staffs can focus more on innovation, not maintenance.

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Improved compliance documentation for audits

Robust, automated, real-time reporting capabilities satisfy Command Cyber Readiness Inspections (CCRIs), inspector general’s audits, or internal security team audits. You can easily push out new security configurations and document those steps.

With rich, graphical reporting, security teams and auditors know exactly how infrastructures and applications are configured. Track changes in real time, including who made changes and why — which translates into quicker, less costly audits and faster remediation of any issues that arise due to configuration changes.

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Improve security compliance and configuration consistency

Puppet Enterprise helps agencies enforce security policies, define desired state, and automatically monitor changes against that baseline.

Puppet automatically remediates systems back to their compliant state when a change is detected. This serves as an important security control for Risk Management Framework (RMF) programs.

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Less time and money

STIG and other compliance activities are reduced from weeks or days down to minutes. With Puppet Comply, you can automate the laborious processes of bringing sprawling IT infrastructures into compliance with security configuration policies, keeping them in compliance, and demonstrating compliance to auditors.

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Improved DevSecOps

DevSecOps teams can model security-compliant IT environments — whether cloud-based or on premises — in an automated fashion to develop and test software so new applications run, operate, and are secure as expected. Moreover, with a common language, teams can successfully adopt DevSecOps practices, such as version control, code review, automated testing, continuous integration, and automated deployment.

Assess compliance status and meet regulatory requirements with Puppet Comply.

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