Continuous Delivery

Ship more, do more with the right continuous delivery workflows and tools to increase your development and operations teams’ agility. They lower time to value of your infrastructure and the software it runs.

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Increase IT and business agility

Empower your developer services teams who support your cloud-native developers with standardized, safe, and reusable cloud-native app workflows. Enable your multi-cloud infrastructure teams who provide both traditional and modern infrastructure in a self-service way, safely and reliably.

Critical considerations for Continuous Delivery

If you’re just getting started with continuous delivery or evolving your approach, there are a few strategic considerations that can keep you on the right path.

ebookCritical Considerations for Continuous Delivery

Modernize your cloud-native deployments

As new cloud technologies continue to emerge and evolve, development teams need to adopt simpler automated workflows that bring together their current tools to deploy applications to multiple cloud-native targets.

Deliver better infrastructure faster

Bring continuous delivery to infrastructure code to increase reliability as you decrease cycle times so you can release changes faster. Gain the confidence that your infrastructure deployment workflows are consistent and your infrastructure remains stable with Puppet Enterprise.

Self-service provisioning with VMware + Puppet

Puppet Enterprise integrates with both vRealize Automation™ and Cloud Assembly™. Express workloads as resource-based blueprints that you can use to quickly provision on day one and ensure compliant configurations from day two forward.

postPuppet and VMware Photon OS

Cloud provisioning with Terraform + Puppet

Terraform and Puppet are both proven infrastructure-as-code tools with different strengths. Together they make automating your cloud infrastructure so much easier, enabling you to easily spin up resources, then configure and manage them over time in a standardized way.

postCloud provisioning with Terraform and Bolt

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See how you can perform common tasks with Project Nebula — like notifying your team via Slack — in the how-to articles on the Puppet Forge.

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