Continuous Compliance

The alphabet soup of regulatory standards and security best practices you try to comply with — and the associated penalties for not doing so — are no joke. Auditors expect your teams to implement and abide by operational, security, and regulatory policies 24/7, and to prove it when they show up.

Ensure your infrastructure is always compliant

With new regulatory requirements and security standards presenting themselves at an accelerated rate, compliance becomes a higher priority for all of us. IT automation can help you buck this trend — letting IT operations teams proactively deal with inevitable compliance-related work.

Learn how Puppet can help bring your estate under compliance with our CIS Compliance service.

Auditors often ask how we can ensure a server meets its goals, and we say, ‘We run Puppet Enterprise at build time, and on a consistent basis.’ They are excited that we’re using a tool that enforces consistency.
Pope Davis, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at NYSE | ICE

Automation should harden your systems and ensure compliance

Now you can say bye-bye to auditors and risk and hello to constant compliance. Automation can help you meet the always-on IT compliance challenge.

  • See how synchronizing policy enforcement at scale, over time requires automation
  • Learn how automation makes preparing for audits faster and more cost effective

Learn more about IT automation and compliance-as-code:

Pass more audits with Puppet Enterprise

Build security, compliance, and operational policies right into your infrastructure code with policy-as-code and automatic drift remediation. Enforce your system’s desired state, automatically assess compliance with specific guidelines such as CIS and NIST, trace intent and verification, and automatically remediate unexpected changes.

Prove compliance — a fast audit is a cheap audit

Avoid surprises and give auditors confidence with reports from Puppet Enterprise that clearly demonstrate compliance. Report on the number of systems, who changed what when, and which were intentional versus unintentional.

Get started quickly with modules on the Puppet Forge

Choose from pre-built Puppet Forge modules for system hardening to Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework, the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), and more.

Get real-time visibility and reporting with Splunk + Puppet

For organizations with sensitive or regulated environments, Puppet Enterprise can push events to Splunk Enterprise. Get alerts when drift is detected and corrected and automatically alerting on-call staff. Splunk Enterprise can also ingest and analyze data from Puppet Enterprise to better monitor the health of your multi-cloud environment.

Looking for continuous vulnerability management?

Continuous vulnerability management can be quite a headache, especially for those tasked with remediating the most critical vulnerabilities first. See how Puppet Remediate can help.

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