Configuration Management

Are you spending more time fighting fires than deploying new, innovative services and applications? You are not alone. Most IT teams say it takes weeks, even months, to deploy critical applications. There’s got to be a better way to manage infrastructure. With automation, you eliminate manual work, minimize risk of human error, and make it possible to deploy fast, safely and reliably.

Get more time for tomorrow’s big idea

Automating configuration management can be the difference between planning future architecture and spending each day reacting to the latest fire. Automate away the challenges, complexity, and risk of securing and running global infrastructure, so you can focus on innovation.
We need to have consistent builds across systems, and make sure we have a continuous check that configurations are not modified, and not altered by somebody.
Veerakishore Vellanki, director of IT infrastructure

Turn that frown upside down with fewer incidents

Dramatically reduce the rate at which software changes result in degraded service or the need for remediation with configuration automation. With fewer incidents that lead to downtime, faster recovery times when incidents do happen, and an overall reduction in the percentage of failures, the savings are obvious.

reportESG EVV: The Economic Benefits of Puppet Enterprise

Configuration management with Puppet Enterprise

Hear Puppet customers talk about the difference that automated configuration management has made in their organizations — and in their own lives.

Agentless IT automation for everyone

Use your existing automation code — PowerShell, Bash, Python, Ruby or even your YAML plans  — in Puppet Enterprise. Connect remotely to any device, platform or operating system via SSH or WinRM and run tasks with role-based access control. No Puppet code experience necessary. No agents required.

Lower operational costs with infrastructure-as-code

Define your infrastructure as code and you’re off to the races (if you’re going to choose a horse, might as well choose a fast one). Puppet Enterprise lets you define the desired state of your infrastructure and the applications it runs. Puppet continuously and automatically enforces that state, so you spend more time innovating and less time fighting fires.

Everyone wants to have stability while still being fast; that’s one of the main objectives we have for configuration management. Puppet helps us to get to that point, so we can quickly build and configure systems that are standardized — and when you become standardized, you become more stable.
Tom Sabin, IT manager for cloud & automation, Staples

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See how you can use Bolt and Puppet Enterprise to quickly start automating your configuration management.

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