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New Customers: Get Started Using Puppet Enterprise

New to using Puppet? Quickly find the best content to start your automation journey.

3 Things to set yourself up for success with Puppet Enterprise

  1. The Puppet Learning VM is an interactive tutorial and learning environment to get you started with Puppet or level up the skills you already have.
  2. Get started learning Puppet: Concepts, successful implementation, Puppet code, version control, modules, Hiera, roles and profiles. Note: You need a Support Portal account to read this.
  3. Take the instructor-led Getting Started with Puppet course to learn more about how to use Puppet.

How to get the support you need

At our Support Portal, you’ll find the Puppet knowledge base. The knowledge base includes answers to frequently asked questions, workarounds for known issues, announcements, and other information. The Support Portal is also where you can open new support tickets related to your Puppet products.

Get or Recover Logins to the Support Portal

Get the most out of your Puppet Enterprise installation

Get started with Puppet code

In Puppet Language Basics, build confidence and familiarity with the Puppet language through established best practices. Work through a real-world scenario and use interactive code boxes for hands-on practice writing and editing Puppet code and understanding core Puppet language concepts.

Start learning the Puppet language by downloading the learning VM and working through the quests. Each quest takes 1 to 2 hours to complete. You will learn how to automate with Puppet, how to install an agent on a new system, and how to use the Puppet resource tool to explore the state of that system. Check out the first quest in the learning VM in this video.

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Managing and deploying Puppet code

Puppet Enterprise includes built-in tools for managing and deploying your Puppet infrastructure. Using Code Manager is critical to managing your Puppet code and collaborating with others.

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Puppet Modules

The Forge has thousands of modules that Puppet and community users have written and shared. Join the Forge and start using these modules today.

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Create high-quality modules with Puppet Development Kit (PDK)

PDK provides integrated testing tools and a command line interface to help you develop, validate, and test modules

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Using Hiera

Learn how to manage the data that you provide to your modules using Hiera.

Helpful content for common use cases:

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