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Are you just getting started with Puppet Enterprise? Or are you a long-time Puppet customer seeking guidance on best practices? Whether you need strategic advice, practical guidance or deep technical expertise, Puppet ensures success at every step so you get maximum value faster. 

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Jumpstart your Puppet implementation

We can help you deploy and successfully implement Puppet Enterprise across your entire infrastructure. Fast. Jumpstart packages range from one to four weeks and at every step, Puppet will ensure your team is ready to confidently use Puppet, via teaching and pairing.

In the end, you'll have an implementation of Puppet that works for you, and the knowledge to start using Puppet to manage a full range of operating systems (Windows, Linux and other *nix distributions); provision everything from bare metal to VMware, AWS and other cloud providers; and manage network devices from vendors like Cisco, netapp, F5 and more. 

Download the Jumpstart data sheet to learn more.

Jumpstart packages

Training + services = success!

Accelerate time to implement Puppet Enterprise and get your team up to speed for long-term success. Learn firsthand best practices to install Puppet, write simple classes, and update and extend existing modules, then we'll assist with your implementation and mentor your team.

In the end, you'll get a working implementation that is designed to meet your needs and a team that is well prepared to continue your automation efforts. 

Check out the Get Started with Puppet data sheet.

Get Started with Puppet

Upgrade Services

Now is the best time to upgrade your current Puppet installation to the most current Puppet Enterprise release. Leveraging best-in-class methodology and tooling, our Puppet experts help simplify the process so your upgrade is completed faster and with lower cost and risk.

Key activities include converting or replacing existing Puppet code for compatibility, installation and configuration of the latest Puppet Enterprise release, and migration of nodes to run against your new Puppet infrastructure. 

Get started on your upgrade today! 

Upgrade services

Move from open source to Puppet Enterprise

For many, the prospect of transitioning a current open source implementation to Puppet Enterprise can be a big hurdle. We can help you understand the current state of your open source implementation, the level of effort involved to move, as well as the great benefits of Puppet Enterprise. Need help migrating? We also offer a prescriptive way to migrate your open source implementation, leveraging our best-in-class methodology and tooling to simplify the migration process. 

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Process and performance optimization

Out team has extensive experience helping organizations like yours implement an automation solution, improve release management processes, and embrace DevOps practices. We'll analyze your current system and release management practices, and recommend improvements with the help of Puppet.

We can also give you visibility into the state of your existing deployment of Puppet Enterprise and evaluate your Puppet code, following a checklist-driven review process. Following the assessment, we'll deliver a report describing the areas investigated during the review, key issues found, any actions performed on site, and recommended actions for follow-up.

Learn more about Puppet Health Check and Code Review:

performance optimization

Custom module development

We can create custom Puppet modules to help you manage anything from OS configurations, complex multi-tier applications, or devices. We'll gather your requirements and then pair with you to write the module, perform unit testing, and perform integration and acceptance testing in your environment. In the end you get one or more working modules fitted to your specifications.

custom module

Budget upfront & use as needed

Are you planning to implement Puppet Enterprise but have not yet finalized your strategy? Or perhaps you plan to upgrade to the latest version and would like to add a 6-month follow-up Health Check to ensure everything's running smoothly. Professional Services (PS) Units from Puppet provide a cost-effective and flexible way to purchase professional services and private training now and use them when you're ready.

Learn more, read the PS Units data sheet.

ps units

I already knew you have a strong support organization, but this was my first time working with one of the professional services folks. It went very well. I definitely feel like Puppet wants us to be successful in our deployment.

Rich Burroughs, Yesmail
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