Enforce consistency and network configuration policy

If you're trying to manage network configurations with one-off scripts and vendor-specific tooling, your error rate is going to be higher than you want, and you're going to be slower than the business wants. You need automation to reduce errors and the time you spend on networking configuration and management.

Puppet Enterprise keeps your network in the state you've prescribed to align with your organization's policies. It gives you reports on the state of your network, changes that have occurred (and who made them, and when), and automatically remediates any unintended changes.


Networking automation with Puppet

Hear networking and DevOps expert John Willis discuss the value of infrastructure as code to manage networking devices and the complex relationships between them.

Networking automation with Puppet

Puppet's integrations with Cisco, Arista, Huawei and Cumulus let you manage most devices in your data center, and give networking teams the same simple configuration code to work with that the systems team uses. Now your technical teams can all use the same code to configure and manage compute, networking and storage resources, improving communication and making collaboration easier.  

Networking automation with Puppet

The benefits of infrastructure as code for networking

Puppet Enterprise provides a unified approach to managing both your compute and network infrastructure. Puppet's declarative approach lets you define all your infrastructure as code with a single interface — not just your compute resources. Technical teams can collaborate more effectively and accelerate application delivery.
infrastructure as code

The tight integration of Puppet Enterprise and Cisco Open NX-OS provides greater SDN [software-defined networking]-based programmable infrastructure capabilities that enable advanced, automated DevOps capabilities for customers.

Frank D’Agostino, CTO of technical marketing, Cisco

Apply DevOps practices to network management

Automating networking operations with infrastructure as code enables networking teams to adopt DevOps practices. You can propose changes, put them into version control, and subject them to peer review, testing and approval, before promoting these changes to production. You'll get fewer network failures and free the networking team from a boatload of troubleshooting.
Apply DevOps practices to network management

A common language for common networking

Focus on what makes each platform special, instead of vendor-specific names. NetDev is a Puppet-maintained standard that brings naming consistency to networking for common configuration types. Integrations built on NetDev include Huawei and Arista.


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With this joint solution, we are enabling networking teams to leverage Linux and deliver services more efficiently while replacing manual, error-prone processes with a scalable operational model.
Reza Malekzadeh,, VP of business, Cumulus Networks

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