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Accelerate your cloud journey with an enterprise automation platform for your hybrid estate

Cloud speed creates infrastructure bottlenecks

solution web cloud bottlenecks
solution web cloud bottlenecks

DevOps practices accelerate application releases, in part, by empowering more people to touch infrastructure and increasing the frequency of changes to infrastructure. In cloud environments this continuous change is magnified by the increasing surface area of cloud-native toolchains, microservices, containers, immutable infrastructure patterns and platforms like kubernetes. Cloud speed may fail to translate into expected business velocity as gaps in automation create new bottlenecks:

  • Experts develop scripts for application delivery of instructure that only they can run
  • Non-compliant configuration changes increase compliance labor and security risks
  • A flood of events from service and system APIs overwhelm human-triggered response

These automation gaps widen further as staff and tooling become stretched thin across on-premises and cloud-native tool, platform and service environments.

solution web cloud workflows

Respond intelligently with event-driven workflows

Compose low-code workflows in minutes to automate system and human-in-the-loop responses across your hybrid and cloud-native landscape.  Choose from a wide array of API integrations to quickly assemble your own workflows or download and try pre-built workflows today for incident response, operations, security, continuous delivery and more.

solution web cloud workflows

Automate cloud infrastructure from any angle

Drive business velocity and consistency with the only enterprise automation platform that brings together the three automation styles demanded of today’s hybrid DevOps environments.

web infrastructure as code

cloud-native and hybrid application infrastructure delivery

web enforce

regulatory, security and internal policies at scale with immutable policy as code

web Faster IT

intelligently in API-rich environments with event-driven workflows

GEICO logo
GEICO logo

Geico uses Puppet’s declarative infrastructure as code to consistently apply desired state configuration for 12,000+ compute resources across environments including 8,000+ on Azure.

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Orchestrate cloud-native and hybrid application infrastructure

Use your existing scripts and downloadable Bolt modules as building blocks to compose YAML orchestration for faster delivery and repeatable operation of cloud applications. Download and try Bolt today for easy, agentless tasks.

Azure, kubernetes, docker and Oracle Cloud logos

Enforce compliance and security policy as code for cloud workloads

Keep your systems compliant and secure amid continuous change by using a single platform to define, enforce and audit policy as code for all your workloads across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, private cloud and traditional environments.

Provision and configure infrastructure in any cloud with Terraform

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