Want to improve your security posture?

The 2019 State of DevOps Report tells you how.

Deliver & operate continuously compliant and secure infrastructure

Puppet helps you enforce state of configuration, harden security, prove compliance, or deliver infrastructure to the cloud. We empower IT teams to thrive in an environment that equally demands speed of innovation and reliability of the technology you manage.


The platform you need to deliver faster with greater reliability.

Continuous delivery

Automation for fast, predictable and repeatable delivery.

Cloud management

Modern automation for your cloud environments.

Configuration management

Deploy with speed and reliability.

Security & compliance

Continually enforce your policies and prove compliance.

Infrastructure as code

Build the foundation for your DevOps initiative.

Automated testing

Reduce testing time and make deployments cheaper and faster. 

IT automation

Automate for speed, gain insight, respond faster.

Networking automation

Bring the benefits of server automation to your network.


Streamline government IT infrastructure from end to end.

We operate this vast, far-flung infrastructure, and it's very important to us that we be able to grow that infrastructure. We don't want, as IT associates, to be in the way. And so that's one of the most important functions we have, is enabling the business to grow at the speed that the business feels it needs to grow. Puppet is significantly enabling this growth.

Martin Jackson, systems engineer, Walmart