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Standardize and automate patching workflows
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Keep systems secure and up to date

How efficient is your organization’s patching process? Does coordinating across multiple teams and systems require significant time and effort? Do your teams resort to building one-off fixes that don’t scale?

Through our patching service, a Puppet consultant can help implement a more efficient, standardized workflow, giving you the confidence and control to successfully patch your systems with less manual effort.

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Enable self-service capabilities

Ticketing, change-approval processes, and coordination of maintenance windows create bottlenecks that can delay the application of essential patches.

We’ll help enable self-service deployments by building tasks that trigger the patching workflow. We’ll also work with your team to define and enforce scheduling and blackout windows, reducing the amount of coordination required and preventing changes from being deployed during peak times.

Increase scalability and efficiency

With a codified patching process, you can reliably apply patches to many servers at once, mitigating the risk of making changes at scale across your organization and dramatically increasing efficiency.

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