Puppet, DevOps & the Path to Better Security

Ensure compliance: incorporate security from the start

With the news full of hacks and data breaches, most IT professionals are feeling hyper-vigilant about security. You need to protect your organization’s security — and its reputation — more than ever. That need becomes even more pressing as infrastructure grows and expands to cloud and containers, presenting a bigger opportunity for attackers.

Puppet gives you constant real-time visibility into the state of your infrastructure. And because it’s a key component of a robust DevOps toolchain, Puppet helps you incorporate security policy into your software right from the start.

Puppet’s accessible language and compatibility with a wide range of technologies enables better collaboration between all your teams: development, operations, security, networking and more. IT groups using Puppet and DevOps practices can spend dramatically less time on security issues, giving them more time to innovate and release software faster.

Our white paper, Puppet, DevOps and the Path to Better Security, will show you how you can:

  • Establish and maintain a baseline for your security policies and compliance across your entire infrastructure, including cloud and containers.
  • Improve collaboration between Ops, Dev, InfoSec and other teams.
  • Incorporate security review into QA, rather than treating security as an afterthought.
  • Apply DevOps practices to your software lifecycle, and cut time spent remediating security issues by 50 percent.

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