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Puppet & Gigaom Present: DevOps in the Real World

Practical advice from the trenches

As increasing numbers of organizations look to DevOps as a way of delivering on their innovation and continuous delivery goals, they are confronted with many challenges — to the extent that they might conclude that DevOps isn’t for them. At the same time, decision-makers looking to automate and simplify integration, test and deployment activities recognize that tools cannot be adopted in a vacuum.

How can organizations take a pragmatic position on DevOps, and what lessons can they learn about delivering both efficiency and effectiveness to make things simpler with DevOps automation?

Join Gigaom principal analyst Jon Collins and Puppet CTO Nigel Kersten for a discussion on key considerations when undertaking a DevOps initiative, including:

  • How can decision makers determine if DevOps is valid for their environment?
  • What is the role of management data and visualization for development decisions?
  • Why are maturity models the wrong starting point for the DevOps journey