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Most enterprises today have at least one of everything — they’ve become systems integrators stitching together fragmented tools and processes that make it hard to ship software at the speed customers expect.

At Puppet, we're here to help you simplify software delivery. That’s why we recently acquired Distelli and integrated both the company and its product into our portfolio as Puppet Pipelines.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about Puppet’s new offering and how it can help reduce complexity from your software delivery practices. You’ll have a chance to see how Puppet Pipelines enables you to:

  • Automatically trigger application builds any time code is committed to your source control repository
  • Design continuous delivery pipelines in minutes and promote releases through different stages
  • Easily automate the deployment of traditional and container-based applications
  • Integrate with Git, Jenkins and other tools you may be using today
  • Presented by: Matthew Cadorette, Solutions Engineer, and Michael Olson, Senior Product Marketing Manager.

Webinar held: 15 November 2018

45 Minutes
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