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The 2020 State of DevOps Report is here!

We’re in our ninth year of publishing the State of DevOps Report. During a decade that has redefined people’s expectations for software — speed of delivery, quality and security — our ongoing study of more than 35,000 technical professionals around the world continues to provide new insights into how organizations are evolving their DevOps practices.

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Our Best Survey Yet!

This year’s survey includes over 2,400 participants around the world who work in IT, development, information security and related areas. The 2020 State of DevOps Report focuses on two areas that can help organizations scale their DevOps initiative: a platform approach to software delivery and applying DevOps principles to change management.

High DevOps evolution correlates strongly with self-service capabilities.

Highly evolved organizations are 6 times more likely than the least evolved organizations to report high usage of self-service platforms.


A product mindset is key to scaling DevOps and your internal platforms.

Highly evolved organizations are twice as likely to be very product-oriented compared to mid-level organizations.
DevOps evolution and platform team behavior
Highly product oriented
Not Product Oriented
Low DevOps Evolution
Mid DevOps Evolution
High DevOps Evolution

Change management and DevOps evolution

Effectiveness increases as organizations evolve their DevOps practices.
Low DevOps Evolution
Mid DevOps Evolution
High DevOps Evolution
Change Management Effectiveness
High CM Effectiveness
Mid CM Effectiveness
Low CM Effectiveness

2020 Report Sponsors

COVID-19 relief

This year, Puppet is donating all sponsorship funds, plus $1 for every completed survey received to organizations supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.

World Health Organization


WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Relief Fund

No Kid Hungry


No Child Hungry

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Doctors Without Borders

Download this year’s report to learn:

  • How an internal platform can help you scale DevOps practices
  • The importance of having a product mindset as you build your platform
  • How self-service capabilities evolve as DevOps practices evolve
  • Four approaches to change management based on approval processes, automated testing and deployment and risk mitigation techniques
  • How to achieve more effective and efficient change management
  • Top challenges to automating the change management process
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