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2015 State of DevOps Report

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Embrace DevOps, or get left behind

Over the past four years, the Puppet Labs State of DevOps Report has shed more light on DevOps, IT performance and organizational performance than any other research of its kind — based on responses from over 20,000 tech professionals worldwide.

Findings from the 2015 State of DevOps Report:

  • High-performing IT organizations experience 60X fewer failures and recover from failure 168X faster than their lower-performing peers. They also deploy 30X more frequently with 200X shorter lead times.
  • Lean management and continuous delivery practices create the conditions for delivering value faster, sustainably.
  • High performance is achievable no matter if your apps are greenfield, brownfield or legacy.
  • DevOps initiatives launched solely by C-level executives or from the grassroots are less likely to succeed.
  • IT managers play a critical role in promoting diversity and limiting burnout.