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The Tools for Learning Puppet: Command Line, Vim & Git

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Maybe you’ve heard that Puppet can help you manage servers much more efficiently, with way fewer outages. Maybe you’ve been eyeing the Learning VM or Puppet training schedules, but hesitating to sign up because your experience with command line, Vim or Git is limited….or rusty.

People who use Puppet come from all types of backgrounds, including Linux and Windows, and we’re here to help. With the help of a cheerful guide and your trusty cat, you can follow step-by-step tutorials that take you through the fundamentals of the command-line interface that’s used in Linux and other Unix-type operating systems; the popular (and free) Vim text editor; and Git, the most-used platform for collaborating on code.

Once you’ve gone through this guide, we guarantee you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with these tools, and better prepared to learn Puppet. Bonus: It’s fun.

Download the guide and get:

  • Descriptions of tools that Puppet users work with on a routine basis, and that are used in Puppet fundamentals.
  • A tutorial to help you learn command line interface, Vim and Git.
  • And did we mention… Photos of cats and dogs to keep you company while you peruse the guide.