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About Merrill Corporation

Merrill Corporation provides technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, regulated communications and disclosure services.


  • Virtual machines were configured in an inconsistent manner and were unmanageable
  • Needed to migrate critical workloads to the cloud, including application services, networking, security and storage
  • The process for deploying Microsoft Azure subscriptions was slow and inefficient


  • With Puppet Enterprise, Merrill Corporation transformed its organization by adopting a consistent, repeatable way to configure and manage infrastructure, leveraging the benefits of infrastructure as code.


  • Deployed infrastructure in a quicker and consistent manner, which allowed the team to focus on larger business objectives
  • Expanded the business worldwide by building virtual data centers in Azure across the globe
  • Launched a new solution that satisfied varying expectations between customers, developers and executives

With Puppet, we moved past the day-to-day emergencies and can now focus more on the other aspects of our jobs including planning, optimization and new technology evaluation.

Richard Lawson, cloud services engineer at Merrill Corporation

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Deployed infrastructure quickly and consistently with minimal error
  • Expanded Merrill Corporation’s business worldwide and helped launch cloud environments in Azure across the globe
  • Launched DatasiteOne with speed, agility and praise from customers and internal stakeholders
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