About GNS Science

GNS Science is New Zealand's leading provider of Earth, geoscience and isotope research and consultancy services. GeoNet is a GNS Science project funded by the New Zealand Earthquake commission, to build and operate a modern geological hazard monitoring system in New Zealand. It comprises of a network of geophysical instruments, automated software applications and skilled staff to detect, analyze and respond to earthquakes, volcanic activity, large landslides, tsunami and the slow deformation that precedes large earthquakes.


  • Build an exceptionally resilient infrastructure that can withstand natural disasters.


  • Puppet Enterprise


  • Puppet Support got employees quickly trained; confidence in the resiliency of its infrastructure.

Automation is the best documentation…Gone are the complex and out-of-date documents explaining how to create and install systems. They have been replaced by code which is used to automatically and repeatably create our critical IT systems.

Geoff Clitheroe, GeoNet systems development team lead, GNS Science

Top outcomes of using Puppet Enterprise

  • Fast ROI – The integration of the various components in Puppet Enterprise greatly sped up installation, allowing GeoNet to begin making real advances quickly.
  • Scalability and Orchestration – The scalability and orchestration of MCollective was a quick and poweful way to achieve a task which previously would have involved much manual intervention.
  • Defined Infrastructure – GeoNet now has a well defined minimal base server profile for all nodes, services, repositories and packages. This lowers the divergence in the infrastructure and shows the “power of Puppet.”
puppet cs gns card