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Vulnerability management can be time-consuming. It’s often a mountain of tedious tasks that derail what would have been a productive day. Puppet Remediate improves how InfoSec and IT Ops teams find and fix vulnerabilities, taking off your plate the burden of repetitive and error-prone steps in the process.
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Mitigate security risks, shrug tedious tasks off your shoulders

Instead of manually exporting those vulnerability scans into spreadsheets and emailing them, you receive read-only scan data automatically with Puppet Remediate. Now you’ve got everything you need to quickly filter, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities in a standardized, trackable, and easily auditable way.

InfoSec and IT Ops can work better together

Silos between InfoSec and IT Ops can lead to poor infrastructure security and increase risks of external attacks. Puppet Remediate integrates with key vulnerability assessment tools, removing the need for manual data handover. With streamlined processes, InfoSec and IT Ops work better together, eliminating delays and risks of miscommunication.

Know what you have and prioritize what to fix

Hackers don’t attack what you think you have but what you really have. This makes asset discovery critical in your vulnerability management process. Puppet Remediate enables you to know what you have in your infrastructure and shows what needs immediate attention.

Enhance the vulnerability risk score provided by your scanner, multiplying the latter by the number of hosts affected. Know what to fix first so you can take immediate action and remediate vulnerabilities starting from the most vulnerable hosts in your infrastructure.

Find it and fix it immediately

Take immediate action on vulnerabilities with agentless tasks that you can run on your Linux or Windows hosts. Use pre-built tasks that allow you manage packages, manage services, and run a shell command. Upload your own scripts or using existing modules from Puppet Forge. Reduce the time you spend fixing vulnerabilities from days to hours.

Detect and remediate Meltdown / Spectre vulnerability using Forge modules and detailed docs:

Gain security, control, and accountability

Save time managing users and groups by integrating with your existing LDAP or Active Directory server. Also, set the guard rails in Puppet Remediate with RBAC to control who can do what.


  • Qualys VM
  • Tenable.io (cloud)
  • Tenable.sc (Security Center: on-prem)
  • Rapid7 InsightVM
  • Rapid7 Nexpose
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