Eliminate manual work from vulnerability management

Puppet Remediate helps organizations mitigate their security risks, enabling IT Ops to reduce the number of vulnerabilities, faster and at scale. It eliminates repetitive and error-prone steps in the vulnerability management workflow, from manual data handover between InfoSec and IT Ops to vulnerability prioritization and remediation.

Puppet Remediate includes the following key capabilities:

  • Shared vulnerability data: Integrates with the three major vulnerability assessment tools (Tenable, Qualys and Rapid7), eliminating the need for manual data handover from InfoSec to IT Ops;
  • Risk-based prioritization: Use your dashboard to see the most critical vulnerabilities, prioritized based on infrastructure context;
  • Plug-in Tasks: Allows you to run tasks to remediate vulnerabilities, at scale. You can upload your own scripts that Puppet Remediate converts to tasks, or use task-based modules from the Puppet Forge.

Puppet Remediate will be generally available soon. If you’d like to try the product as soon as it becomes available, please fill out the form to the right.