Making continuous delivery simple

Puppet Pipelines for Applications simplifies application delivery, providing continuous delivery and release automation from every commit to every application deployment to ensure that your development and release teams are consistently shipping great software and delivering customer value on time.

Software delivery for the world

Automatically build applications on every code commit

Connect your preferred source control repository in one click and automatically trigger application builds for every code commit or pull request.

Create continuous delivery pipelines in minutes

Use visual dashboards to create full continuous delivery pipelines within a few clicks, and automatically provision development, testing, staging and production environments to promote releases across the pipeline.

Automate application deployments with full control

Automate application deployments with approvals, gates and triggers to deliver the correct versions of your software to production, with one-click rollbacks and audit trails for every action taken.

Visualize your software delivery pipeline in one place

Get a complete picture of your entire software delivery process and track every app through a single dashboard that visualizes the status of your applications as they move from development through to production.

Role-based access control and governance

Fine-grained access control and detailed audit trails ensure up-to-date information on who deployed what and when. Set permissions to ensure that only authorized members of your team can deploy to your production environments.

Automatic notifications to Slack, HipChat, and email

Keep your teams notified of every build and deployment via Slack, HipChat, email or webhooks.

Works with any application in any cloud or on-premises

Automate releases for any application regardless of the deployment target. Deploy custom, off-the-shelf, legacy or greenfield applications to any platform and deployment target, whether in the cloud or on prem.

Plans & pricing

Puppet Pipelines for Applications is available in three editions to meet your needs:

Capability What’s included Free
Up to 5 projects
Up to 100 projects
Unlimited projects
Hosting Implement Puppet Pipelines as a SaaS or self-hosted solution Puppet-Hosted (SaaS) Puppet-Hosted (SaaS) Self-Hosted (on-prem)
Continuous integration Automatically build applications from your source code
Deployment automation Automatically deploy containers to production, with gates and triggers
Continuous delivery pipelines Create continuous delivery pipelines using visual dashboards
Unlimited users No user limits for Puppet Pipelines
Roles and groups Includes role-based access control, groups and permissions for teams    
High availability Redundancy and automatic failover for mission-critical apps    
Identity and access Single sign-on, service accounts, LDAP and SAML integration    
Support Get the help you need, when you need it Online resource support 8x5 Standard Support 24x7 Premium Support
Pricing   Free $29.99 per project/month Contact us