Accelerating software delivery for the world

Puppet Pipelines for Applications (formerly known as VM dashboard from Distelli) provides automation from every commit to every deployment to ensure that your IT and engineering teams are consistently shipping software and delivering customer value on time.

Software delivery for the world

Access controls & audit trails

Fine-grained access control and detailed audit trails ensure up-to-date information on who deployed what and when. Users & Groups ensure that only authorized members of your team can deploy to your production servers.

Automated deployments & pipelines with gates

Automated deployments and pipelines with Approvals and Gates ensure that the correct versions of software flow through your stack fast while still ensuring the highest level of control.

Dashboards for complete visibility

Give your teams a complete picture of your entire stack and power to move software from dev and test to production with one click. One-click rollbacks ensure the lowest mean time to recover (MTTR).

Integrated build system

Puppet Pipelines for Applications includes an integrated build system that connects to your source repositories either on-premises or in the cloud.

Cloud server management & provisioning

See a comprehensive list of all your servers and virtual machines, regardless of their location in your public, private, or hybrid cloud or on-premises data center.

Notifications to Slack, HipChat, & email

Puppet Pipelines for Applications keeps your teams notified on every build and deploy via email, HipChat, Slack or webhooks.

Works with any cloud or on-premises servers

Puppet Pipelines for Applications works with any server in any cloud. Deploy legacy or containerized software to Linux, Windows, or MAC OS.


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$119/month, billed annually $149 billed monthly
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Public repositories Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited On-premises Install
Private repositories 1 repository Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Enterprise support
Users 1 user *10 users *20 users *30 users LDAP/SAML integration for SSO
Distelli Agents 1 agent **10 agents **20 agents **30 agents Multi DC/Geo replication

*Additional users $5/user/month
**Additional agents $5/agent/month