Measure the impact of your DevOps practice

Until now, it hasn’t been easy enough to measure the ROI of your DevOps investment, or to benchmark performance across teams. Puppet Insights helps you measure and optimize your DevOps practice by aggregating, analyzing, and visualizing the key metrics that matter across your entire software delivery toolchain. Use beautiful dashboards and reports to find out how your teams are performing, identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and benchmark the velocity, quality, and impact of your software delivery practice.

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Measure software delivery velocity, quality and impact

Easily measure key performance indicators such as number of commits, builds, deploys, deployment lead time and frequency, successful vs. failed builds and deploys, and change failure rate.

Aggregate data from across your toolchain

Import and correlate data from your source control and continuous integration tools in addition to CI/CD solutions like Puppet Pipelines, to get a bird’s eye view of your DevOps ROI.

Identify the bottlenecks at each stage

Visualize each stage of your teams’ software delivery pipelines and where releases get stuck, so you can identify and fix bottlenecks faster.

Segment and filter results by team

Compare performance across your teams to identify high performers and analyze the practices that make them successful.

View actionable recommendations

View recommendations for continuous improvement based on best practices used by high-performing teams and insights from Puppet’s State of DevOps research.

Create dashboards and reports to share

View a collection of pre-built dashboards or create your own reports using an intuitive visual editor to demonstrate performance and ROI to your coworkers.

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