Know what you have and where to start

How well do you really know your IT infrastructure? Without a dynamic, real-time inventory, can you be confident that you know what you have?

Puppet Discovery is the only solution available that allows you to identify all your IT resources, tells you what’s running on them, and allows you to take action. Forget spreadsheets and clunky CMDBs for keeping track of what’s in your data centers or clouds. Puppet Discovery is purpose-built for resource discovery, and it’s your first step toward pervasive automation.

Puppet Discovery

A clear path to automation

Stop manually updating spreadsheets or CMDBs and start getting complete visibility into your infrastructure, from traditional metal servers to VMs, cloud instances, and containers. Within minutes, Puppet Discovery can show you what you have so you can decide what to automate next.

Puppet Discovery getting started

Take action

Unlike other tools that just give you a data dump and expect you to make sense of it, Puppet Discovery gives you an easy-to-understand dashboard that provides insights about your infrastructure. More than mere data, Puppet Discovery shows node-specific information in context and lets you start and stop services, install Puppet agents, and perform other tasks.

Puppet Discovery

How it works

Puppet Discovery is a frictionless software application that uses SSH, WinRM, and public cloud APIs to connect to and forage a wide range of resources. Simply add your data sources and your machine credentials to start foraging physical hosts; AWS, Azure, and Google cloud instances; VMware virtual machines; and containers.

Puppet Discovery Add Source

Start your journey to pervasive automation

Try Puppet Discovery

Download the Puppet Discovery to experience a new way to browse and discover every resource in your hybrid infrastructure.


Explore the documentation for Puppet Discovery to learn more about how it works.


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