Task execution made easy

Puppet Bolt is an open source tool that allows you to execute one-off tasks or entire plans and scripts across your infrastructure and applications with just SSH or WinRM. It’s perfect for troubleshooting or deploying quick changes, distributing scripts to run across your infrastructure, or automating changes that need to happen in a particular order as part of an application deployment.

Puppet Bolt is driven through a command line interface (CLI) and connects to remote systems via SSH and WinRM, so it doesn't require you to install any agent software. The tasks you run with Puppet Bolt are reusable and shareable via the Puppet Forge, and can be written in any scripting or programming language.


Install Bolt and start automating your tasks right now by running:

$ gem install bolt

To use Puppet Bolt, your system must be running Ruby and have a GCC compiler. For information on installing these dependencies, see Installing Bolt.


Quickly automate manual, repetitive tasks across your infrastructure and applications. Bring your own scripts in any language, use modules from the Puppet Forge, or write reusable tasks using Puppet Bolt’s simple framework. You can start small with Puppet Bolt and scale up to Puppet Enterprise as needed.


Just connect remotely to a device via SSH or WinRM and execute commands on any supported platform. No agents needed, only keypair or password credentials. Bolt cleans up after itself, too!


You can start with individual scripts or tasks and build up to sophisticated workflows using task plans. Task plans use a simplified subset of the Puppet language to group tasks together and run them in ordered, orchestrated sequences.


Task Management in Puppet Enterprise

If you have a large infrastructure spanning multiple teams, Puppet Enterprise 2017.3 includes a powerful new set of capabilities for task management. You get ad hoc task execution, plus scale, governance, flexibility and team-oriented workflows built right in.

Puppet tasks


Instantly execute tasks across tens of thousands of nodes and scale your automation footprint faster. Use tasks from the Puppet Forge to avoid reinventing the wheel.


Control who can run which tasks and view audit histories of every action taken to enable collaboration and ensure compliance.


Orchestrate tasks with the click of a button from the Puppet Enterprise web UI. Filter and target infrastructure for task-runs based on any attribute or event.

Get started

Install it

Install Puppet Bolt and start automating tasks minutes from now.


Explore the documentation for Puppet Bolt to learn more about how it works.

Puppet Forge

With 5,500+ modules, someone’s probably already created one to help you.