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Puppet Bolt is an open source, agentless multi-platform automation tool that allows you to get started with infrastructure automation with no agent software or Puppet knowledge. Puppet Bolt is driven through a command line interface (CLI) and connects to remote systems via SSH and WinRM. If you already use scripts to automate the provisioning and management of some nodes, you can use Puppet Bolt to move a step beyond shareable scripts.

With Puppet Bolt you can reuse existing scripts in Bash, PowerShell, Python or any other language. You can perform various tasks like start and stop services, reboot remote systems, gather packages and systems facts from your workstation or laptop on any platform (Linux and Windows). Puppet Bolt enables you to take advantage of more than 5,700 modules available on the Puppet Forge for everything from deploying database servers to setting up Docker or Kubernetes.

Install Puppet Bolt and start automating tasks right away by visiting our documentation and installing it onto your platform of choice, like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and more.






Start automating your infrastructure quickly. Bring your own scripts in any language, use modules from the Puppet Forge, or write reusable tasks using the Puppet Bolt framework. Start managing the state of your resources on one remote system in a one-off manner, and then expand it across the applications stack using Bolt plans.


Connect remotely to a device via SSH or WinRM and execute commands on any platform from your workstation. No agents or pre-configuration needed. You can escalate privileges to run actions as the right user with Puppet Bolt when needed.


You can move a step beyond shareable scripts with Puppet Bolt. Then, if you want to discover more resources running in your infrastructure, download Puppet Discovery. If you want more control over your infrastructure you can start using Puppet Enterprise.

Tasks in Puppet Enterprise

If you have a large infrastructure spanning multiple teams, Puppet Enterprise 2019 gives you flexibility with its combined agentless and agent-based approach. You get ad hoc task execution, plus scale, governance, flexibility and team-oriented workflows built right in.

Puppet tasks


Instantly execute tasks across tens of thousands of nodes and scale your automation footprint faster. Use tasks from the Puppet Forge to avoid reinventing the wheel.


Control who can run which tasks and view audit histories of every action taken to enable collaboration and ensure compliance.


Orchestrate tasks with the click of a button from the Puppet Enterprise web UI. Filter and target infrastructure for task-runs based on any attribute or event.

Get started

Install it

Install Puppet Bolt and start automating tasks minutes from now.


Explore the documentation for Puppet Bolt to learn more about how it works.

Puppet Forge

With 5,500+ modules, someone’s probably already created one to help you.